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A new landmark shines in the heart of Milan’s Brera District

A new metal landmark shines in the heart of the Brera District in Milan.
Gambardellarchitetti design an ”instrument of observation”; a point of contact between the Earth and the Sky.

A hollow tower, seven and a half meters in height, fringed at its top rises in the famous Brera District of Milan.
Its title is ‘Scrigno del Cielo (Jewelbox in the Sky): Architecture Inside A Window’.

It has been designed by Cherubino Gambardella and Simona Ottieri for Capoferri, and will be part of the exhibition circuit, taking place in the Brera Design District from April 3rd to April 9th.

A small tower of great presence: shiny and opaque, an enigma on which three windows open to the inside where unexpectedly lays a secret treasure.
Gambardellarchitetti have, through this piece of art, spoken about the millennial culture of the relationship between building and windows, between exterior and interior, between threshold and crossing.

Situated in a symbolic location in Milan, surrounded by monumental buildings, the tower captures the sky itself; describing its incessant and ever-changing beauty.

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