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Phantasmagoria by Australian Illustrator Chloe Bennett

Chloe Bennett’s Pop-Up Store at the Hotel from March 9 in time for Art Basel

J Plus Hotel by YOO, Hong Kong’s creative boutique hotel with a penchant for art, officially launched its latest exhibition, “Phantasmagoria” by Australian Illustrator, Chloe Bennett and its first pop-up store on 9th March 2017. Timed for Hong Kong’s “Art Month”, J Plus Hotel by YOO’s new exhibition is held to attract art lovers from Hong Kong and all over the world to enjoy the talented young artist’s collection of pop-art visual artifacts which explores the glorification of mundane, pedestrian objects until 8 July 2017.

“We are delighted to receive such a warm reception for our seventh and newest artistic collaboration with Chloe Bennett,” shared Ms Vivian Chau, General Manager of J Plus Hotel by YOO. “Since 2014, J Plus Hotel by YOO has partnered with an impressive roster of like-minded artists to engage Hong Kong’s creative audience with the aim to grow awareness for home-grown and international talents. We celebrate the city’s creative scene and foster its growing presence with our exhibitions to ensure its continued prosperity,” said Ms Chau.

The colourful pop-art exhibition by Chloe Bennett consists of several viewing mediums, with the main exhibition showcasing six of Chloe’s aerosol on canvas works at the Hotel’s chic lobby. Three of these canvases are inspired by the versatile food culture of the East, including the specially commissioned “Dim Sum” where two bright hued brains and a dish of soy sauce are presented in a bamboo steamer basket while a pair of chopsticks rest atop the edge of the basket; Ramen noodles are entangled on a pair of legs acting as chopsticks in the pink based piece “Noodles”, and the final piece being a delightful selection of sushi with a leg as part of one of the rolls in the piece “Sushi”.

“When I was asked to create a piece unique for this exhibition, the first thing that came to my mind was to personify the city’s affinity for food. Hong Kong is a place where food has become so commonplace, yet many people come here to discover its amazing food culture. I wanted to create something that struck a balance between something viewed as ‘everyday’, yet is a point of discovery for many,” shared Ms Bennett.

Other delightful pieces of Chloe’s work complete the main exhibition. “Sticky Tape” playfully depicts a roll of scotch tape made of pink tongue, while “Coffee” shows a cup of coffee served in a metal trash can.

Using vivid background colours, and a palette of bright pastels, “Gems” showcase colourful gems in a pill blister pack, showcasing the society’s addiction to materialism, while “Television” playfully portraits a body literally falling head over heels into the television with legs sticking out as the antennae. Meanwhile, “Tea Bags” features two seemingly innocent teabags, in which the contents are little blue and white pills, an uncanny observation into society’s reliance on quick fixes.

A trio of bold coloured art work on skate decks stretch along the pillars across the main exhibition, with a variety of fruits used as the centrepiece of each piece. The series of “The Peach, The Pear, and The Cherry” features a pair of legs emerging from the base of life-sized fruits.

“Dynamite Girl” shows three colourful skate decks in blue, pink, and purple with prints of legs on an elongated red stick of dynamite serving as the torso. “Scissors” features a pair of legs with scissor handles stretching across three skate decks, while “Lighter” is a single elongated deck showcasing a mint green lighter against a pink background.

J Plus Hotel by YOO’s newest exhibition features a pop-up store where hotel guests and visitors can take home a piece of Chloe’s sprightly pop art. A variety of items including Mugs, Shopping Bags, Note Pad Sets, Postcards and Stickers Set can be purchased at this store.

All artworks featured in the exhibition are available for sale. The team at J Plus Hotel by YOO will assist buyers and facilitate the shipment process.

An Australian artist born and bred in Queensland, Chloe Bennett is one of the region’s most promising pop-art artist and illustrator, who has garnered critical and commercial success thanks to her highly stylised and unique digital drawings. Chloe’s keen eye for details and her uncanny ability to commentate on the world around her in a way that is both sarcastic and real results in colourful pieces that personify the everyday mundanity into playful characters that satirizes society’s consumption patterns and modern day lifestyles.

“Phantasmagoria” by J Plus Hotel by YOO x Chloe Bennett marks the artist’s first overseas exhibition. The exhibition will be available for public viewing at the hotel from 9 March to 8 July 2017.

This collaboration marks J Plus Hotel by YOO’s seventh exhibition since it launched its art initiative in 2014, and follows the successful showcase of artists including Fin Dac, Pazu Chan and Michael Kistler, Zoie Lam, and Fansack; as well as exhibits curated by Hong Kong’s premier gallery, Cat Street Gallery.

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